Incepted in the year 2000, we at VV Mujumdar & Associates are pleased to introduce ourselves as the renowned manufacturer of machine-tool accessories like Flexible Couplings, Precision Locknuts, and Clamping Sleeves etc.

   At VV Mujumdar, our ability to deliver a higher standard of performance is our greatest asset. VV Mujumdar's engineers possess a deep understanding of the industry and are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers. Today, VV Mujumdar's engineers employ the latest and most advanced computer techniques to develop unique solutions and designs.

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Technology :

  The knowhow of different type of threads, thread forms and its applications is the strength of VVMA. 60deg. V threads, 30deg Trapezoidal threads, 29deg Acme threads, Pipe threads are regularly produced in the different products that are being manufactured.

   We produce a wide variety and range of Flexible couplings; these couplings are normally used in CNC machines and precision drives. Torsional rigidity with axial and angular misalignment compensating ability is the main feature of these couplings.

Design :

  VVMA manufactures locknuts mainly in three types depending upon the application and the space available –

   The torque transmitting capacity of flexible couplings varies from from 1 Nm to 180 Nm as standard, and the operating rpm as high as 10,000. Also, these can be made in Aluminum alloys as well as in Stainless steel for noncorrosive applications.

Quality :

  For Precision Locknuts, usually 4H grade i.e. the highest quality threads in 60deg. V threads is maintained. Suitable thread gauges are used for the purpose. The form of the threads is checked periodically on a microscope. Our flexible couplings are made with highest quality of raw materials and with most modern machine and manufacturing techniques to withstand critical applications like in CNC machines, SPMs and other machine tools. These couplings consistently transmit backlash free motion with misalignment compensation capacities up to 0.1mm axial and 1.5deg angular.

Capabilities :

  At VVMA, smallest size locknut of M6 can be made, also locknut as big as M360 X 5 pitch has been manufactured. The face runs out as low as 0.002mm is achieved, the spindle rpm as high as 8000.