Our Services

Repairs / servicing of ballscrews We offer repairs / servicing of ballscrews on emergency basis We can repair / service a Ballscrew within 24 hrs. So that critical machine can be brought back into service at the earliest.

  Repairs of Ballscrews-this consists of

  •   Changing the balls
  •   Lapping of ballscrew threads
  •   Straightening of ballscrew shaft if necessary
  •   Changing of wiper seal if required

  Main reasons of wear / failure of ballscrews

  •   Inadequate / absence of lubrication
  •   Contamination due to dirt/ dust
  •   Misalignment
  •   Counter balance weight not working in case of vertical axis ballscrews
  •   Ballscrew used roughly or opened and assembled back by incompetent personnel

  It is advisable to repair / service of ballscrews

  •   If there is excessive noise / vibration in the ballscrews
  •   The positioning accuracy is not achieved due to backlash
  •   Misalignment
  •   The wiper seal are broken / fallen from the ballscrew