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Ball screws

We V. V. Mujumdar & Associates are leading manufacturer and supplier of Ball Screws in Pune | V. V. Mujumdar & Associates Pune Maharashtra India.

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Ballscrew is an assembly consisting of ballscrew shaft and a ball nut which is capable of converting rotary motion into linear motion & via versa.

  Application Examples

Ballscrews are widely used in the following areas:

  •   Machine tools – turning centers vertical machine center.
  •   Horizontal machinery center.
  •   Forming machine – presses press brakes etc.
  •   Injection moulding machine.
  •   Food & Packaging industry.
  •   Material Handling Equipments.
  •   Instrumentation.
  •   Automation & handling industry.
  •   Paper & printing machinery.

  Advantages of Ballscrews over acme/Trapezoidal leadscrews

  •   Mechanical efficiency can be up to as 95% in ballscrews as compared to max 50% of leadscrews.
  •   Higher life due to minimum wear in Ballscrews as all the components are hardened
  •   No stick slip phenomenon in ballscrews
  •   Precise positioning
  •   Less drive power required in case of Ballscrews
  •   The ballscrew drives are usually not self locking hence can has to be taken particularly in case of vertical applications

  Technical terms related to ballscrews

  •   Diameter – Usually this is thread outer diameter of the ballscrew shaft
  •   Pitch- This is the distance travelled by the ball nut in one revolution of the screw shaft
  •   Backlash – This is the axial free movement between the ball nut & ballscrew. This results in the lost motion during the movement of the ballscrew
  •   Preloading – This is the method of eliminating backlash in the Ballscrews this is done by the use of one group of ball threads in opposition to another so that the backlash is removed.
  •   Stiffness – This is resistance of the Ballscrews assembly against deflection which is resulted due to preloading of ball nuts.
  •   Critical speed- Critical speed is the mechanical linear speed of the Ballscrews assembly which excites the natural frequency of the ballscrew drive - this is the amount of torque required by the ballscrew to move the load
  •   Preload Torque – This is the amount of torque required to overcome the friction due to preload force.

  Our Services

Repairs / servicing of ball screws We offer repairs / servicing of ball screws an emergency basis We can repair / service a Ballscrew within 24 hrs. So that critical machine can be brought back into service at the earliest. Read More...